About Honest Indutry

We are one of the few authentic Fresh Fruit Juice Producers in the State of Qatar. My passion began with the experience of having Fresh Fruit Juices available around the globe, during my extensive travel as a Currency Collector and participating in many Currency exhibitions around the world and the trips with my family outside the country. This prompted me to take the challenge of providing this Healthy Drink with Vitamin & Minerals to the people living in Our Country — The State of Qatar. As I was browsing through, for the ways and means to establish such an entity, I discuss this idea with one of my oldest contact Mr. Antony, who used to work at the Sheraton Doha Hotel & Resort in the 1980s. When I discussed, he was very excited as he was IA'orking as the Operation Manager of a Fresh Juice preparing firm from 2005.

We then decided to proceed further and started working on the prcject from 2015 by applying for a Jahiz-2 project and Alhamdululla, we were Blessed to reward a Factory by QDB & QBIC in February 2018, for which we are grateful to HH The Emir of Qatar and to all the officials of the above organizations. We had obtained the HACCP Certification from Quality Austria and from January 2019, we have started our production and we found great demand for our product. Our philosophy is to bring in the Juices directly from the Fresh Fruits, without any additives or preservatives, pulp, pure or concentrate. Our process includes, direct purchase of Fresh Fruits & vegetables from the importers to our temperature controlled stores, washing the Fruits & Vegetables 3-times before use (pre-wash, chemical wash and rinse) and squeeze them, using automatic machines, strain and fill them directly into food grade bottles. Only in the case of cut fruits & the fruits does not have direct juices, we add water in a proper proportion.

At present we are supplying our products to the Hotels & Restaurants, but soon we look forward to bring our product through selected outlets to the public in Cur Country. We are working out the channels for introducing our products to Hospitals, Schools, Government Offices, Banks, Villa Compounds etc. Apart from the Fresh Fruit Juices, we are determined to introduce Green Salad in small packs, available through selected outlets to the public in Our Country. As •it IS a tiring job for an individual to look for the raw materials for preparing the Green Salad, we will be soon providing washed and sanitized Green Salad, easily available for the people live in Our Country, for a healthy diet and for the Hotels and Restaurants for avoiding unwanted expenses such as extra labor, wastage from raw material and storing difficulties etc.

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    Why Fresh Juices?

    If you have heard of juicing, but haven't started yet, we want to encourage you to start. Juicing is fantastic because it allows you to drink your fruits and vegetables in liquid form. Quite simply, it is the easiest way to squeeze nutrition into your diet. A nutritionally dense diet often leads to a healthier, happier body from the inside out.

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    Health Benefits of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juices

    Juices are the perfect fast food for today's eat-on-the-run lifestyle. They contain all the goodness of the whole product in a condensed form. For example, a pound of carrots can be a significant source of calcium and protein, but those five carrots may be more than your willing to eat at a single meal. Juicing concentrates that one pound into a single glass of easy to drink juke. These nutrients are quickly assimilated since the body does not have to separate out of the fiber.

    Fruit juices contain a range of minerals, vitamins and bioactive compounds, such as phytochemicals, that are important for good health. Guidelines Iota healthy, balanced diet, typically recommended plenty of fruits and vegetables are required to supply our vitamin and mineral needs. However, within this model, moderate consumption of 100. fruit juices can make a significant contribution to potassium and some other micronutrients.

    Fresh Juices are a perfect food supplement. They are far more potent than the isolated nutrients found in vitamin pills. Nutrients influence each other and therefore they should not be separated. Part of this influence is a synergistic effect among nutrients -its, which means that nutrients combined naturally in foods work together more effectively than when they are separated as a single supplement.

    Not only are fruit and vegetable juices your best convenience foods, they provide thousands of substances, some of which have well-known functions and some, whose roles in the human body are not yet understood or recognized. Current wisdom recognizes three roles that fruit and vegetables play in the human body:-

    • a) Fruits and Vegetable juices provide nutrients essential for growth and renewal. It contain substantial amount of carbohydrates which supply most of the energy we use to live and perform work.

    • b) Fruits and Vegetable juices contain generous amount of vitamins. Vitamins regulate metabolism and help in the conversion of the fats and carbohydrates into energy.

    • c) Fruits and Vegetable juices contain minerals that are necessary .or the nerve and muscle function and are the building material for some body tissue. It heal, detoxify and weight loss.

    If you are not a big fan of eating fresh fruit, drinking Fresh Fruit Juices can be a good way for you to get your recommended 1.5-cups of fruit each day. Each 3A-cup serving of juice counts as 1-cup of fruit and hardly takes any time to drink.

We look forward to the whole hearted support from the Government, Officials & the public for a great success of our venture.


Hassan Ali Al Naimi


Hailing from one of the Prominent Families in the State of Qatar, with High School Education, worked in various Government Departments of the Ministry of Interior in the Country. Special Security for protecting the Government VIPs, C.I.D, Immigration, Narcotics & Officer in Cost Guard Having 15-Enterprises, including a Marble Factory, Sales of Stationary for Printing, Contracting of Civil, Electrical & Plumbing, Automobile, Limousine & Printing on Gift Items etc. Hobbies are Antique Collection, Currency collection of National & International Bank Notes, travelling around the world etc.


Antony Devassy

Managing Director

A Commerce Graduate, specialized in Business Administration from Bombay University, worked in India with the Hospitality Industry, reached in the State of Qatar to work with Sheraton Doha Hotel and Resort as an outlet Manager in 1986. Joined with Shk. Faizal Bin Qassim Al Thani, for the City Centre Doha as the As st. Manager of the Entertainment Division from the year 2000 to 2004. Started to work as the Operations Manager of Fresh Fruit Juice Company from 2005, introducing for the first time in the State of Qatar, till joining with Honest Industry WLL. Having vast practical knowledge and experience of Hygienic and HACCP Certified preparation of Fresh Fruit Juices and Salads, put into the on job training for the staff.